CCAvenue Brand 360°
A powerful and versatile platform for
social engagement, online brand
marketing and performance analytics
SEO Audit
Because there's no substitute for success!
CCAvenue Brand 360° enables you to evaluate the success of your SEO strategies and measure the strength of your web domain. Drive quality traffic to your website and outrank competition on popular search engines through the intelligent use of backlinks, meta tags and keywords.
SEO Audit
Website Uptime
For all uptime and performance monitoring needs
CCAvenue Brand 360° makes it easy to monitor the uptimes, downtimes and loading times of your domain. A graphical representation clearly indicates your website’s status on a periodic basis so that you can take appropriate remedial measures. Prompt updates enable you to act at just the right time and ensure that your website is available for business 24X7.
Reputation Monitoring
It matters what others think about your brand!
Stay well-informed on the opinions expressed by your customers, competitors and fans about your products and services. This section quantifies the strength and passion of these comments, the reach of your efforts and the overall sentiment regarding your brand.
Facebook Management
Connect with those who matter the most
Enhance the visibility of your Facebook posts by increasing your interactions with friends, relatives and well-wishers on the world’s largest Social Network. Capture the Social Pulse through a detailed analysis of your social stream. Listen to your fans, identify problems in real-time, escalate these issues internally and resolve them quickly.
Facebook Apps
Think out of the box
CCAvenue Brand 360° offers a range of cutting-edge Facebook apps free of cost. Display your blog posts, videos, presentation, map of your office location, tweets and other social media interactions on your Facebook business page. These apps enable you to create FAQs, manage contests and receive real-time notifications of customer feedbacks from your Facebook account.