Online Sub Merchant Agreement

Click Here To Download CCAvenue Client Agreement in PDF Format for Printing On Stamp Paper.

Please ensure you follow the instructions mentioned below:
Ensure that agreement  is in your name if you are entering into an agreement with us in your personal capacity, or in the name of Firm/ Company/ Organization etc.
It is MANDATORY to sign and stamp on all pages of the Agreement  at the bottom right hand corner and towards the end of the agreement in the column mentioned For and on behalf of the Merchant on last page.

You are required to send 2 sets (1 Original and 1 Photocopy) of Merchant Agreement. The agreement contains terms and conditions that are prescribed by financial institutions who will be involved in processing your online transactions. We are legally bound to impose these terms on you and any changes are un-acceptable. Should you have any questions or require a specific answer to any clause in the agreement, please address these by email to
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